Recessed Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Track Lighting, Emergency / Exit,

Builder Packages, Lamps, Fluorescent Lighting, Under Cabinet

Lighting, Outdoor Light, Wiring Devices, Indoor/Outdoor, Ceiling &

​Wall Mount Lighting, Energy Star Products

Industrial and Ethernet solutions includes Nexans branded

copper and optical fiber cables, cordsets, and field installable

connectors in both RJ and M12 form factors.

Architectural - Commercial - Custom / Legacy, Industrial,

Preva LED, Sports Lighting, Retrofit, LED, Aisles, Manufacturing /

​Warehouse, Office, Parking Garage, Retail

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Proudly Representing These Quality Electrical Lines 

Benders / Conduit, Heaters / PVC, Heating Blankets, Sawing,

Hole Making, Cable Pulling, Wire Carts, Reel Stands & Reel Rollers.

Sheaves & Cable Rollers, Conduit Storage & Transfer, Pulling

Accessories, Storage, General Purpose Poly Rope, Tools

Electronics and Automation, Remote (IP-20) Connectivity -

Device Connection Technology, Enclosure System - Marshalling

Cable Solutions, Tools - Wireless Connectivity, Systemized

​Marking Services, Product Innovations

Compact Fluorescent Ballasts, HID Ballasts, Fluorescent Electronic

Ballasts, Plastic Sign Ballasts, Compact Fluorescent, Cover Shield,

​Linear Fluorescent, Halogen, HID, Incandescent, Miniature/Sealed

​Beam, Photo/Projection, LED, Accessories

PureNet is a leading provider of reliable, high-performance 
communications cables designed for CAT 5e and CAT 6 network 
applications. All PureNet products are verified and listed by 
Underwriters Laboratories.

Wire Termination, Test & Measurement, Networks/DataComm,

​Tools & Totes, Wire Management, Wire Installation. Mil Are Wire

Processing, Engineered Solutions for the OEM - Electrical Supplies,

​Safety Products

Quality Electrical Lines

RMR Modular Enclosure, RMR Swing Wall-Mount Enclosure,

RMR Fixed Wall-Mount Enclosure, NEMA-Rated Mini Wireless Wall

Enclosure, Large NEMA-Rated Wirless Wall-Mount Enclosure,

Large NEMA-Rated Wireless Wall-Mount Enclosure with Window